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Welcome everyone. If you'd rather be out in the wild listening to the wind and the birds instead of traffic and cellphone conversations, then you've come to the right place.

If you've found your way here it's because you're interested in hiking, camping, hunting, stream-stomping, birdwatching or just plain sitting in the woods. My name is A.K. and I've created this community to share my observations on natural history, places I've hiked or camped, my wildlife/nature experiences...specifically in the great state of Kentucky *with a few appearances by North Carolina* and books I've read about it all. All members are welcome to post about their own nature encounters.

The group is called road_nature because many of my postings will be of the "drive by" variety. I love getting out on the highways and bi-ways of country roads and just driving. I always come across the most amazing sights unexpectedly and have just recently gotten myself trained to carry my camera with me everywhere. The cost of gas lately has slowed me down a bit but I'd rather spend $30 on a road trip than a restaurant so it evens out *grin*!

I am always looking for new, off the beaten path locations to enjoy the outdoors and will be sharing some of the ones I've found here. There's a reason that although I live "over the creek", I tend to play in Kentucky...it's beautiful, plain and simple. The variety of habitats and bounty of scenic areas makes the state a treasure box waiting to be opened and looked through.

I will be bringing up the topic of hunting from time to time as I do hunt myself. If this is offensive to you then you might want to check out other hiking/outdoors communities on LJ.

Community rules are as follows: if you troll or start a flame war, you're out...end of story. The same goes for political pontificating, religious rhetoric *especially of the agressive recruiting kind*, social soul-searching and the like. This group is here for us to share our appreciation of the natural world and the time we spend in it, not as a focus for world change. I leave that to the hardcore activist bloggers *grin*. Bottom line, be respectful of the community and of each other. So let us all be polite now and play nice. Chances are if you spend any amount of time in the woods, you've already got a lot of commonsense...or you wouldn't have lasted this long *grin, again*. Make your first post a brief introduction and tell us about yourself and why you're here. Have fun, share info and enjoy!!

Though there's no sign any have passed,
I wonder who has walked here last?

A whitetail buck with stately tread,
A crown of antlers on his head.

Or dark as night, with shaggy hair;
Perhaps it was a great black bear.

A bronze and russet turkey hen,
Might have wandered through this glen.

For there's no sign any have passed,
I wonder who did walk here last?
--A.K. '96