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slytherin, snakes, books, potter

tezukasama in road_nature

Turkey Strut....

Well, I'm returning to quasi-regular posting anyway!  Welcome to our 2 new members, I can't believe someone else besides myself is actually reading this community.

On my way into work the other morning I caught sight of a lovely turkey hen on the park road.  Of course I slowed down to take a longer look at her (cursing the fact that I'd left my digital camera on my desk at the office) and as I pulled up even with her I saw a tom turkey in full strut doing his best to impress her.

He was puffed up, with tail fanned to the fullest and that beautiful blue and red head shining in the morning sun!

I love mornings like that, what a fantastic way to begin a work day!!

(keep checking back for more entries!)

PS on a side note, the buck whitetail deer are nearing the end of their antler dropping time (in my neck of the woods anyway).  I've been combing the park woods for sheds but so far no luck!