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tezukasama in road_nature

Roadside Raptors

As I make my drive to and from work every day, I've been keeping watch on a redtail hawk nest perched high in a tree right next to the Interstate.  Although it is too high to look into, I can see the female's head or tail sticking over the edge of the nest as I zoom by at 70 m.p.h.  I've also seen the male perched in nearby trees and power pylons.  

There are quite a few turkey vultures in the vicinity as well....I've seen them sunning on the same pylons in the early morning, but as yet they have not disturbed the hawks or their nest.  I'm looking forward to possibly getting to see the youngsters as they fledge and hopefully learn to hunt at Lake Isabella (the nest is located at that exit ramp). 

I routinely see 4-5 redtails on my daily commute in the morning.  There is a mated pair who have territory right at the 275-71 interchange and I have seen a couple of more pairs and single birds along the 71 corridor.  It just goes to show that wherever wildlife can find a talon-hold they will make the best of it (most species anyway)!