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slytherin, snakes, books, potter

tezukasama in road_nature

Down & Dirty!

 In the midst of leading a hike for a group of second graders the other day, I stopped the group next to a vernal pond along the trail we were walking and began to explain to the kids about how important it was to our local amphibians.  There were a couple of kids talking as I was and since this happens often, I just ignored them at first.  More kids chimed in with "oh look!" and "what's that?!?!?" and pointing behind me.

I began to be aware of loud splashing sounds over my shoulder and then the trilling began......right in my ears.  I turned and lo and behold a veritable toad orgy was taking place before our eyes!  It was almost embarrassing.  Needless to say, I abandoned my spiel and waved my hand at the frolicking amorous amphibians and said "well, that proves my point!"  

I also managed to pick up a female (with attendant male clamped on to her back) and show the kids up close the eggs coming out of her.  When I put the happy couple back in the pond there was one lone male sitting at the water's edge singing his heart out, still looking for a mate.  The group got a great look at his throat sac & his calls were fantastic.

It is days like this that really drive home how much I enjoy my job.  Every day brings a new, unique experience...sometimes big (like the aquatic body electric show), sometimes small...a new bird at the feeder, but always ever-changing.