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tezukasama in road_nature

Wiley Coyotes.....

I was out at Woodland Mound Park on Feb. 13th for a bit of quiet time last week. The trails were coated with snow and ice and it was great to be the only one out walking them.....well, the only human at least!

For those who aren't familiar with this park, it has 2 nature trails and a paved hike/bike trail. Now normally when I walk the nature trails out there, I can see deer, squirrel, rabbit and a multitude of bird tracks all over the ground. Last Wed. the species du jour was Canis latrans, our old friend the coyote. I'd known there were coyotes in the park, but I'd never seen one and most of the time the trails are so covered with human and dogs tracks that trying to decipher any other canine spoor is a waste of time.

That day it was just me and the coyotes! I could see tracks from the night before that had melted and refrozen, but what was really neat was a couple of track lines that were fresh, literally within an hour or two of my being there. It was blowing snow most of the day and the fresh tracks I saw were crisp, clear and had no snow in them. I love it when I can take my time and really study the ground as I walk and not get stared at by the average park goer who wonders what the heck I'm doing!

The other interesting observation from that day is that I did not see a single deer track anywhere. Knowing how difficult it is for them to navigate ice with their hooves, I can't say that I'm surprised but it was a bit like reading your favorite book only to find a key character has been removed!

Enjoy the snow out there today all Cincy-ans and check out what wild creatures have been schlepping through your own backyards or parks!

The Highway/Backyard Naturalist