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slytherin, snakes, books, potter

tezukasama in road_nature

Edge interrupted/field trip to Sharon Woods....

'Life on the Edge' is being usurped by a quick update on my field trip to Sharon Woods yesterday.

I've never been to this little gem of the Hamilton Co. Park system before and was very curious to find out what it was like. The usual water-parks, playgrounds, soccer fields & such were in abundance but I found a short trail that winds through the gorge in the center of the park. It always astounds me that you can step out of a parking area in a busy city area and onto a trail that makes you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. Only one small segment of the gorge trail parallels the golf course and then you are back in the woods again.

It also shadows a small river below the Sharon Lake dam and has several spectacular waterfalls for such a concentrated area. I took some shots of them as well as a great dead tree snag and spotted a water snake (not closely enough to determine the species) in the shallows. I also saw a downy woodpecker, but only got one blurry picture of its backside.

All in all a nice little walk and well worth the journey. Pics of the trip will be posted on the Highway Naturalist's Photo Page soon, so watch for them!

Happy Tripping!