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tezukasama in road_nature

Life on the edge....

For many people, the drives to and home from work are the main/only times they interact with the natural world other than what is in their backyards. As limited as this contact is, it can provide great opportunities for observing wildlife.

'Edge' habitat is a term used to describe the border between one naturally occurring habitat and another, for example forest and meadow or woodland and stream. There are a whole group of organisms, plant and animal, that prefer edge habitat and will utilize the resources it provides.

Humans are very good at making artificial 'edge' habitats; lawns, power cuts and of course....ROADSIDES!!! The unfortunate side effect of the latter of these man-made habitats is that while some species will be attracted to and thrive in the new 'edge' area, other species whose original habitats were interrupted will have to cross these areas to continue living in their territories. Roadkill is the most obvious sign of this fragmentation of habitat.

In keeping with the community name, I will introduce the most commonly seen species in my 'roadside edge habitat' driving area (SW OH/N KY) in the next couple of posts. Stay tuned!

"The 65 mph Naturalist"