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slytherin, snakes, books, potter

tezukasama in road_nature

Sunsets, vultures & spontaneous drives....

It's been a quiet week here in 'The Roadside Naturalist'...actually it has been so busy in OH and the weather has been so bad that yesterday, 4/15, was the first chance I've had to get out and about.

What better way to celebrate 'Income Tax Due Date' (for those readers who live in America) than by taking a last minute road trip...at around 5:30 pm! In any case I headed up the road (SR 27) North and then hopped over on SR 129 West towards Indiana. Having never gone this way before I wound up taking some twists & turns (IN 252, I think...lol) and IN 101 N and found Whitewater Memorial State Park. It looks very interesting, at least the small portion of it that I got to explore before the sun went down. Snapped a few pics of some black vultures heading in to roost in the trees and one sunset shot over a field. Jumped a whitetail buck (less shed antlers of course) on the road and saw that there is a nature preserve area with hiking trails that I will return and explore again.

Came back along US 52 East into OH and then home again. Almost no traffic, rolling hills, woodlands and farmlands and a great drive all around. A nice way to spend 3 hours when all was said and done. I just wished I could have left earlier. Ah well, there's always another bend in the road to see, a trail to hike and scenery to photograph. I should live long enough to be able to see and do it all.